Window Frame Repair


You probably dont give your windows a second thought. But for many particularly older property's, the windows can be one of the most important parts of the home.

If you have a period property with sash windows, they can be very expensive to replace. Some property's are listed and you cannot replace only repair.

In financially challenging times if you neglect your windows it can be very expensive and time consuming to repair or replace.


Modern frames can be in plastic wood or metal, each has its own strength and weaknesses and each requires a specialist to undertake any window frame repairs.

You may be able to do a quick DIY repair but it will probably cost you more in the long run.By hiring a professional window frame repair expert you know your windows are in good hands and the value of your property will be enhanced , and so will the kerb appeal of your property.


So if you find your windows are wonkey, let in a draft or worse..... water when it rains, or you can no longer see the beautiful view you once had, get your window frame repair undertaken by a qualified window frame repair man (or woman!)